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There are only two ways in roulette

There is a simple formula to calculate the probability of your bets which can be used in the simple game of roulette. The roulette game has fancied a number of people due to the high probability of earning small jackpots which can then be utilised in other games. Also, it pulls a number of people due to a bias free environment in the online casinos.

Prudent decisions for minimum and maximum betting
The multiple bets at a time like 5 corners, straight up, etc can help select over 21 numbers at a time out of 37 or 38 slots on the different roulette versions.  With a minimum betting amount of 1 dollar and a maximum of 1000 in most cases which are very evidently made known by the sites in the terms of the game can help play strategically and increase the odds of winning.  Also, maximum betting options  depend on the practice and the experience curve of the players. The novices will not be able to discover the gaming styles when they will realise how it is possible to spread the minimum bet amount in different inside bet strategies by placing 1 dollar each in 5 different inside bets when a total of $5 is being used for betting. Hence, there is higher diversification in inside bets which is not the case in outside bets where the entire $5 has to be bet on a single strategy like 1-18 or red/green and odd/even among others.

Automated roulette with two options-winning and losing

The chip system in brick and mortar casino for placing bets is still valid in the online casino roulette , however, here there is an online dealer and things are more automated. Also, the bonus system allows for less painful losses when you lose, however the lost amount is merely the bet amount in this game where there are only two options, either the ball hits your bet slot or it fails to.